“All of us do not have equal talent… Yet all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.”

Ratan Tata

A teacher’s professional learning journey is an ongoing process throughout their teaching career. According to Dennis Van Roekel,

“To promote and nurture effective teaching , the profession should offer quality training , well designed career paths, time to work together on the best ways to help students to abreast with newest developments in the field of education, quality evaluations that help teachers in their development based on identified needs.”

The Lords Universal College of Education take proactive steps to keep the staff and students  professionally upgraded to expand their skills, develop new teaching strategies and deepen their understanding of subject content. In this direc achieve these by organizing a lot of guest lectures,Seminars and workshops for our staffs as well as prospective teachers.

The Departments main objective is the holistic development of  all staffs and students. The following are the general objectives of the Seminar-Workshop Department.


  • Find Prospects
  • Build credibility
  • Training staffs
  • Develop communication skills
  • Professional Growth/ career development
  • An orientation on current information
  • Develop Effective and efficient teaching- learning environment


  • Bringing together small groups to enhance knowledge and skills
  • Meetings for professional enhancements
  • Focussing each time on some particular subject
  • Active participation by all participants
  • To read assigned papers
  • To discuss readings
  • Questions are raised and discussed
  • Debates can be conducted

To ensure the fulfilment of all the above stated objectives and for intellectual stimulation we keep on organizing various Seminars and Workshops. Besides the in-house workshops which are taken by our expert faculties, we invite experts from various streams time to time to share their knowledge and/or skills with the students.