Competitive examinations for Students

Student support by the Institution is an integral part of any educational set-up. This support is lifelong for the student once he/she is admitted. Whenever educational need arises, students from present or past batches should be entertained in a most possible ways.

On the other hand, Institution that foresees and offers support for ensuring better professional future can claim this venture as a benchmark for its effective functioning. Believing in this philosophy of the student support, the Institution with the pure intention of community service strives to equip students for ensuring better placement for the current batch and also the prospective candidates for their admissions and competitive exams.

Institution conducts orientation of two competitive examinations for the benefit of student community.

  1. Central Eligibility test (CET) for candidates aspiring to get admission in B.Ed. Programme.

MAH B.Ed. CET exam is conducted by The Directorate of Higher Education, State & Government of Maharashtra. This exam is conducted annually. It is a state level entrance examination. This is the mandatory exam for the candidates who wish to seek admission in the two-year fill-time regular course of Bachelor of Education offered by the government, aided or unaided institution in the state of Maharashtra.

The Institution organizes  orientation for B.Ed. CET every year without any charges for the candidates who have filled online form for CET.  In the academic year 2017-2018 the session was conducted twice on  15th & 22nd April, 2017 respectively and in 2018-2019 the orientation was organized on 22nd and 23rd May 2018.

Institution considers following objectives for the orientation of CET:

  • To make candidates  familiar with the exam pattern,
  • To give them exposure on different strategies and techniques used to clear the test with good marks,
  • To give them practice through mock test in each area and thereafter to discuss for better clarity
  • To make them understand the online process of admission after CET exams.

The programme for the Orientation generally is scheduled as follows:


Time Day 1 &Date Time Day 2 & Date
½ hr Introduction of the College


½ hr. Orientation to English Language papers
½ hr Admission Process


1.5 hrs Solving papers and Discussion of Papers with respect to answer keys


1 hr Overall orientation on CET and tips for cracking the test.


1 hr. (Mental Ability & Teacher Aptitude, English lang. competency)


1 hr. Orientation to Areas of CET Papers

Orientation on General Knowledge (GK)




1.5 hrs




Discussion of Papers with respect to answer keys


1.5 hrs Solving papers and Discussion of Papers with respect to answer keys



The Institution organizes B.Ed. CET after the candidates register themselves online for CET. All the aspects of CET are covered during orientation. Areas like General Knowledge, English Language, Mental Ability, Teaching aptitude and attitude are discussed with mock test paper and solving of paper with reflective discussion. The candidates are also guided for online admission process. Participants’ feedback is taken to ensure better quality of this training programme in coming years.



  1. Teacher Eligibility Test for In-Service school teachers: (TET )

As per the provision of Free and Compulsory Education of Children Act, 2009, the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) is now compulsory for all teachers teaching Class I to VIII to 8th. This will be applicable to all these elementary teachers in all schools providing primary education till STd. VIIIth in schools of any  management, mediums, board examinations or  subsidized / unpaid / non-aided grant etc.


As per the norms and realizing the importance of TET for our Alumni to contribute in proving themselves as better teachers and also for the current batch of the students for better prospects in getting placements, LUCE organized two days TET Orientation Progamme on 24th – 25th November, 2017. Objectives of the orientation were:

to provide comprehensive guidelines for TET,


  • To enhance the understanding of in-service and pre-service teachers in different areas of TET exam,
  • To provide exposure on different strategies and techniques to crack the test tactfully,
  • To provide opportunity for mock test followed by discussion with reasoning and reflection in each areas.

The programme is generally scheduled as given below to achieve these objectives:

Day 1

Time Content
½ hr. Introduction and Paper Pattern and Form Filling Orientation
1hr Orientation to Child Development and Pedagogy with paper solving
1hr Orientation to Science paper with paper solving
1hr Orientation to Social Studies with paper solving

DAY – 2

Time Content
1 hr. Orientation to Language I  –  Marathi/Hindi

with paper solving

1hr. Orientation to
1hr Orientation to Environmental Studies with paper solving
1hr Orientation to Mathematics with paper solving


More Mock tests on demand every weekend.


In the academic year 2017-2018, alumni and student-teachers attended the orientation for both the days. Orientation programme ended by taking constructive feedback from participants for further improvement if required.

For the current year, the orientation is planned and scheduled on 2nd and 3rd July as the TET for 2018 will be conducted on 15th July in this year.

Community outreach of the Institution thus is the way of social service to connect and respond to the local needs of the stakeholders.