The institution offers professional in-service educational programme to those who are at the crossroad where they need to decide whether they should take up advanced study after completing current  training or enter teaching career. Realizing its commitment towards students’ well being at not only the initial  level but also beyond it, the  institution organizes the Campus placement drive for those who fall on the later category of entering the job market.

The campus Placement is a daunting job for any organizer that wants to ensure the right job for its students.  The institution also thus aims at…

  • Training students to develop necessary skills for facing the interviews confidently
  • Providing students an opportunity to select the right  placement  as per their aptitude and from the list of schools.

The Campus Placement cell is established in the Institution to achieve these aims through following objectives:

  • To provides a platform to facilitate interaction between students and recruiters
  • To equip competence among the students-teachers through pre-placement training.
  • To conduct career guidance talks.

The campus placement drive is conducted in following two phases:

  1.  Pre- Campus placement:

Students are trained thoroughly in the aspects of self-understanding in terms of strengths and weaknesses; developing effective career vitae; critical understanding of the expectations of the schools from the teacher and also on the strategies  and knack of facing the interview intellectually. Experts from the respective fields are invited for orienting  students and providing first-hand experience like mock interview etc.

  1. Campus Interview:

Institution is associated with esteemed schools belonging to different boards. The procedure is followed for effective organization of Campus placements as given below:

  • Sending Invites to Institutions for the Campus Placement
  • Collecting data in the form of consent, convenience and requirement of the subject teachers.
  • Analyzing the information to make arrangement for the Interviews.
  • Collecting the short list of candidates selected by each institution. (This is required to plan the time slot for the demonstration lessons that institutions would expect after the interviews at their places.)
  • If the students are selected for the job, the communication of the same to be done through college to the candidate. This will enable the college to block the student’s name for the said institution only.

Campus Placement for students of 2016-2018 batch:

Campus Placement Drive was held on 19th and 20th January 2018 at the Lords College of Education. Over 40 schools and colleges from various locations participated in the Campus Placement drive.

Based on the feedback received from the interviews from different school during the campus placement for the students of 2015-2017 batch, the institution undertook following measures:

School teachers expressed their concern about poor communication skill and the language issues of the students, college took-up at length action of content enrichment right from the beginning of the academic term. Students were assigned the task of text book evaluation of school subjects. They were trained for the concept mapping before taking their content test. Content enrichment programme  was organized where students were teachers helped them to bring better clarity on the subject area that was less understood by students during their textbook evaluation and concept mapping.

Beside, all the training sessions mentioned aforesaid were conducted also for these students before the interviews as follows:

  • Exploring Career choices,
  • Knowing self,
  • Preparing impressive CV,
  • Effective Communication skills for facing the interview confidently,
  • Ethics and qualities of teachers at work place and expectations of the schools.

Beside Campus placement, Institution also considers the requests of the schools not involved in the placement but are known for quality education for sending applications of students who fulfill their requirement for appointing them as teachers.

Institution believes this venture strengthens the bond not only with students but also with these schools who are one of the major outsources in the process of student-teachers’ practical and experiential education. Hence it strives to retain the association through various activities like, competitions, exchange of expertise etc.

The institution’s new venture of campus Placement drive since last two years has yielded following results:

2015-2017: 59 working 13 advanced studies

2016-2018:  52 students 25 already got job through campus placement and personal interviews

Institution aims at 100% placements of students and still striving for making it more effective and better through a good team work.