Editorial Board

The purpose of an editorial is to present a point of view on an issue or event of significance to a particular organization. Such editorials are found in a range of publications and are written by the members of the organization and compiled by the editor to convey the organization’s thoughts and opinions.

The Institution is striving tobecome the proficient user of modern technology for it’s tech savy consumers, i.e, current generation of aspiring teachers.

In this direction, it intends to publish an online journal on the yearly basis that can help the readers from all over the globe to understand the writers; and Institution’s vision and perspectives.

Following objectives in line with the Institution’s philosophy are laid down for the publication of the yearly journal.


  • To harness the creativity and literary talent of students
  • To showcase the achievements of the Institution for the current year in the form of reports on various events, organized by Institution, achievements of staff and students within and outside the Institution etc.
  • To encourage and provide the forum for the staff and the students to express their view in the form of articles, thoughts, poems etc.

Formation of the Editorial board

The editorial board comprises of the Staff members and student representatives headed by the principal.

The student members for the department are selected based on their literary talent and work.  The Principal and the faculty in charge members oversee the department activities and the meetings.

Members of the current Editorial Committee:-

  • SavitaManchekar (Principal)
  • Soma Guha
  • Sonali Singh
  • Jennie D’Souza ( Second year student)
  • Rebecca Britto ( First year student)
  • Steffi Leitao ( First year student)


Committee starts the collection of articles and other literary work of students and staff. It is ensured that the creative work given by students is their own original work.

The members of the editorial board then scrutinize the  articles and sort the  articles worthy of publishing.

These articles are then edited and checked against any plagiarism.

The compilation of the write ups is done as per the category before uploading online.

Hence the board members work towards the fulfillment of all the above stated objectives and to present readers with a variety of information on their desk.


Two meetings in a year with the principal and monthly meetings with the members to plan and implement the process of publishing the Editorial are conducted.

Minutes of the meetings are recorded and documentation of the entire process is done.

Year 2017-2018

The institution takes the immense pleasure in releasing the first volume of the college magazine “Nayi Soch” which means innovative ideas on 10th of March, 2018. This magazine gives an insight into “LUCEians” way of life, their creativity and activities. This magazine is a platform that exhibits literary skills and novel ideas of staff and the students. “Nayi Soch” presents the hard work and dedication of students and contributions of the staff. True to its name, it showcases the talents and innovations in the academic and non- academic activities carried out by the staff and the student teachers in an exclusive way. The magazine provides an intersection of great challenge and great opportunity for the students to review their efforts and to analyze their achievements in various arenas. There is much more that can be achieved in the sector of Education and the pages of “Nayi Soch” tell us the tale of all that have been a part of what is right about the Education they get in “LUCE”.