The Institution has a full-fledged Library for students’ academic referencing.   Good collections of books and non-book materials have been built up since its inception. The books are classified and arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme and Open Access System is followed.

Purpose of running library in the institution can be listed as follows:

  • To serve students, faculty members of our institute with required information resources to meet their academic needs.
  • To develop meaningful reading habits.
  • To develop research skills.
  • To enable students to learn through library


Library advisory Committee:

Library Advisory Committees are generally appointed for improving the library services and framing of policies in colleges. This coordinates the library services and helps to provide high class library services. This committee advises the librarian on his area of responsibility and carries out inspections


Formation of a Library Advisory Committee

The formation of the Library Advisory Committee is an important task in any library. The care should be taken while selecting the members for the committee. The committee should represent the entire stake holders of the library. The Principal has the discretionary powers in nominating the members for the committee. The Librarian can also propose panel name. The following members may be nominated by Principals as members of the library advisory committee separately and independently.

Sl. No. Designation Position in LAC
1. Principal/Director Chairperson
2. Librarian (Head of the Library) Coordinator/ Member Secretary
3. Subject Teachers Members


Usually the Colleges function according to the Academic calendar. Based on the Academic calendar the college’s academic activities are planned. Therefore, it is advisable to form a committee for the academic year. The Principal is empowered to nominate the members to the committee. In case of any member is discontinued from his/her service, due to various reasons, the Principal can nominate other suitable members to the committee based on the above criteria. Meetings may be conducted periodically as and when required.

The purpose of the Library Advisory Committee is to act as a channel of communication and dialogue between the Library and its users.

The Committee’s main objective is to establish the bridge between the Library and the academic fraternity.

The Library’s collection of books is augmented on a continuous basis. National, International Journals, Magazines, Project Reports, Educational CDs are available. The question papers and syllabus are made available for reference.


Library Management and Information System (MIS)


The Institution in line with its effort to use ICT in the educational set-up has an enriched Management Information System (MIS). The Universal Group of education has set up the has  APLANE software as MIS for all its educational institutions ranging from schools to college levels. Applane is web based library management software enables librarians to manage its library collection and disseminate information available in library.


The Institution has well established online Library Management System Software with following features


Key Features of Applane Library Management Software

  • Web-based Interfaces.
  • Cataloguing facility (Book data entry)
  • Online issue return of books
  • Library fine management
  • Generating various library reports
  • Easier borrowing and record management process for students as well as for the librarian
  • OPAC facility
  • Printing of barcodes
  • SMS Interface

Overall  Services offered to students by the librarian are as follows:

  • Library Orientation
  • Book circulation Facility
  • Reference Service
  • Reading Room
  • New Arrival Service
  • Inter Library Loan
  • Newspaper Clipping Service
  • TOC of Subscribed Journal
  • Access to Online Journals
  • Book Bank Facility
  • Past students’ membership for using the library.


Library Timings

  • The Library is kept open on all the Week Days from 09:00 A.M to 05:00 P.M.Issue/Return timings are 10:00 A.M. to 05:00 P.M. It remains closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.


Currently the library has following collection of the print material of different type:


Library collection:

  • Books
  • Text Books a) ICSE    b) SSC
  • Reference Books
  • Periodicals:
    • National Journals
    • International Journals
    • Bound Volumes of Journal: University News
    • Magazines
    • Newspapers

Students Learning Resources:

  • Best Class Test
  • Best Essay Test
  • Old Question Papers
  • Syllabus
  • Educational CD’s

Last three year’s record of Library updates is as follows:



Year Books Book Bank Books Journals and Magazines

(Hard Copy)

Online Journals

(Soft Copy)

2015-2016 2710 15
2016-2017 2793                – 15
2017-2018 3047                32 16 02

The Institution intends to update the library as an enriched unit for student support through following provisions:

  • Arranging Thematic Display of Books
  • Arranging Book Exhibition
  • Collection Development in online resources and print material
  • Facility to access freely available online resources

The librarian makes the best possible use of the collection for facilitating learning among students by carrying out following learning activities:

Vocabulary games, Subject based scrapbook projects, writing editorial columns etc. using Newspaper

Research reviews of the articles published in prescribed journals.

Reading references, books in print form or digital form  and reflecting on it in groups.

For such activities the time table dedicates one lecture time every day to conduct