The Institution is committed to provide a safe and harmonious learning environment. It believes that in an educational institution, where the basic need of safety is completely fulfilled the student can then concentrate on satisfying the needs of the higher level of need hierarchy. The Institution has established the Grievance cell in accordance with the UDC regulations of handling complaints and grievances related to students, parents and staff achieve following objectives:


  • To facilitate the resolution of grievance in a fair and impartial manner;
  • To promote the cordial student- teacher and student-student relationship by providing scope for freedom of expression;
  • To promptly attend and resolve the cases of grievances maintaining necessary confidentiality;


The Institution so far has the experience of more admissions of female students as compared to the male members who are in very small numbers. Hence Grievance mechanism for all is the main focus of the cell and the safety of all students irrespective of gender and cultural background is always ensured.

Institution responds to the complaints in the grievance cell on following matters:

Academic issues: Misuse or stealing of one’s work by other students, plagiarism, harassment by teachers etc.

Financial Issues: Theft, undue demands, blackmailing by fellow students, staff or outsiders etc;

Other issues: Physical, mental torture on gender issues, social, financial conditions or harassment on any other issues.

Composition of the Grievance cell committee:

Principal                                                              Convenor

2 senior staff members                                 Members

2 students                                                           Student representatives


Mechanism of receiving complaints:

A complain box is fixed in the mail lecture hall and students are oriented  about its use. They are free to give written complains either with identity mentioned or anonymously. Students are free to express their concerns or report the serious issues immediately to the representative students or to the staff.

In case of issues that need immediate attention are put before the committee and resolution is attempted by taking necessary action promptly.

The complaints received by students are scrutinized to identify the cases worth considering under grievance cell. The cell then promptly takes steps to resolve the issue under consideration either at department level or at management level as per the nature of the issue.


The cell committee meets once in every semester to discuss about the cases handled or under consideration and also to plan for activities as preventive measure to ensure that the issues never arises.

The Institution has accordingly taken up many issues that have been the concerns at macro level like Sexual harassment at work place, Cyber bullying and other crimes etc.