Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Internal Quality Assurance Cell is established in every Institution in order to build and ensure the quality culture. The cell polices every activity that is carried out as prescribed by the curriculum.

The Lords Universal College of Education peruses its vision of creating the culture of excellence that makes it inevitable to establish the IQAC with the following objectives to achieve goals laid down by UGC.

Goals: (As given by UGC):

·         To develop a quality system for conscious, consistent and catalytic programmed action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the college;

·         To promote measures for institutional functions towards quality enhancement through internalization of quality culture and institutionalization of best practices


·         To Plan, guide and monitor quality enhancement activities in the institution.

·         To monitor the standard of the various curricular, Co-curricular and administrative  activities carried out in the Institution;

·         To ensure continuous improvement in the quality of the educational practices in the Institution;

·         To establish proper coordination between departments who would work independently but in synch with each other;

·         To ensure that each department caters to the diverse needs of the stakeholders.

·         To work out intervention strategies to remove deficiencies  if any.

Composition  of the IQAC:

·         Director:                                                                                                              Management member

·         Principal:                                                                                                             Chairperson

·         Two senior teaching faculties and one non-teaching staff:             Members (nominated by principal and for 2 years duration)

·         One external Expert from the field of management:                         Member


·         IQAC meet once in three months and with the quorum of the presence of total 2/3rd  numbers of members.

Function of IQAC:

·         Formulating and applying Quality benchmarks for academic and administrative activities;

·         Providing the support system to help administrative  departments to function smoothly and for teachers to facilitate teaching learning process  effectively;

·         Arrangement of feedback responses from students and other stakeholders on quality related  institutional processes;

·         Organization of Inter, intra institutional workshops, Seminars on quality related themes;

·         Documentation of the various programmes  of the Institution leading to quality improvement;

·         Developing Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) based on the parameters developed and recommended by relevant quality assurance bodies like NAAC.

·         Bi-annual development of quality Radars (QR) and ranking of internal departments based on the AQAR.

IQAC members of the Institution

Chairperson:                                     Prin. Sunil Mantri. Academic director, Universal Education for Higher  Education streams,

Management Coordinator:             Mr. Kalpesh Phalsamkar


External expert on                            Dr Madhavi Dharankar , Head, Dpt. Of  Educational

Quality management                        Technology, SNDT

Principal:                                           Dr. Savita Manchekar

Staff Members:                                 Ms. Deepa Savalani, Mrs. Sonali Singh

Mrs. Madhuri Bendale, Ms. Shashikala Yadav,

Mrs. Swati Sharma, Mr. Praveen Deshmukh

Administrative Staff:                        Ms. Lalita Uplori





AGENDA of the External IQAC meeting held on 18th May, 2018 at 9.00 am in the premise of the college

·         Confirmation of the minutes of the meeting of IQAC held on 5th August, 2017.

·         Action taken report on the minutes of the previous meeting

·         The matter arises out of minutes

·         Briefing and reflecting upon activities of forgoing year

·         Planning for next academic year

·         Department wise measures  for quality enhancement

·         Tentative action to be taken

·         Any other matter with the permission of the chair

Minutes of the  Meeting

External IQAC meeting was held on 21st May,2018 at Conference room of the College . Meeting started with the introduction of the members by Principal Dr. Savita Manchekar followed by reading of minutes for the earlier meeting that was held on 5th August, 2017 by. Ms. Sonali Singh. She also read the agenda of the meeting and Ms. Deepa Savalani presented action taken report of the previous meeting. The summary of the same is as follows:


Developing research skills among students and staff

Ms Deepa Savalani gave the brief summary of the action taken on the decisions made in the earlier meeting as follows:

·         Students were familiarized about the research language and skills in the beginning of the term.

·      Teacher and students    presented research based paper in the State Level Seminar on  “Contribution of Women in Nations  Building: Creating the Momentum for Social Change”

·      Before that, a Pre- seminar workshop on 6th January, 2018. was organized to train participants for conducting research.

·      Student were given the opportunity  for the National Achievement Survey organized by the government

·      Special Workshop was conducted for training students to carry out Syllabus prescribed Action Research

·      Research reviews from journals as part of learning through library were carried out and presented by each student.

·      ORF sponsored Research Project on creating Facebook to sensitize public on religious tolerance

Principal Dr. Savita Manchekar suggested that research attitude can be developed among students through basic training of research methodology and also through Action research. She explained the procedure of conducting the Action research and stated that staff can do the research work with the data that is collected by the students. IQAC Expert Dr. Madhavi Dharankar also stated that data collected by the students should be meaningfully utilized. Each year different themes can be taken up for the research work. Dr. Madhavi Dharankar also suggested to develop research wing and to motivate students to conduct research in the areas they are interested in after brainstorming sessions. She also added that ORF project data can also be taken up as one of the major research projects. She said that the dynamism for conducting research work should come from teachers.


ICT based curriculum transaction

The action taken on the decision in the earlier meeting and discussion taken place thereafter was  as follows:

ORF sponsored Research Project on creating Facebook to sensitize public on religious tolerance was taken up by students.

Principal Dr. Savita Manchekar briefed about students learning online with the use of the software  Edmodo  during the time of practice teaching and also about the enrollment of students for MOOC course. She also mentioned that staff should actively enroll for the MOOC course . IQAC Expert Dr. Madhavi Dharankar suggested Swayam MOOC course for students. She also added that some project can be carried out by the M.A technology students from SNDT where students and staff of B.Ed college can also be involved. Mam also suggested the use of concept maps, mind maps to help students focus on their ideas and to capture and organize their thoughts and ideas visually. She also added that students can make use of free tool called  Rubistar in order to create quality rubrics for project based learning activities.


Community Outreach

Principal Dr. Savita Manchekar briefed about the community work and also about the adopted BMC school. Dr. Madhavi Dharankar suggested that even the BMC school students should be taught to use the softwares like Piktocharts or VSDC .She also added that activities should be conducted in a such a way that community work becomes incessant.


Agenda for the present meeting:

Briefing and reflecting upon activities of foregoing year

Principal Dr. Savita Manchekar briefed that lots of opportunities are given to the staff members in the area of research where teachers do presentation of papers. Three teachers are at the verge of completing their doctoral research and two staff members have also submitted their research proposals for registration.

Students and staff also got an opportunity to attend NET/SET Orientation for enhancing their professional growth. And three staff members could clear their NET/SET.


Planning and Suggestions:

The committee members were briefed about the year plan prepared that would ensure quality in curriculum transaction including curricular and co-curricular activities. The regular feedback of staff, students on different activities made it possible to make more enriching year plan for the coming academic term. Few significant feedback were reported to the members.

Feedback from students and Staff:

Dr. Savita Manchekar said  that staff members give feedback on the working of the departments which helps in suggesting improvement during internal IQAC meetings. She further added  that Even the SWOT analysis  of the Institution by Staff and students also helped to give direction for better improvement in the quality.

Dr. Madhavi Dharankar suggested that doing extra activities today acts as the oxygen for tomorrow so activities should be conducted constantly to make prospective teachers ready for the profession. She also added that Principals of schools can be invited as guest lecturers to throw light on the aspects of school life which the prospective teachers will be accepting in a very little time. She further suggested that student teachers should build rapport with the schools and provide their services to the schools during the vacation too. Every activity conducted in school or in the college should be captured and converted into research from unrefined data.

The suggestions were unanimously seconded by members.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks.