Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Counselling cell of the Institution is one of the best practices it can boast of. The cell is established to achieve following objectives:

  • To cater to the mental health of the student teachers and the staff
  • To train student-teachers in basic counseling skills,
  • To create awareness about the issues and problems related to the mental health of school students.


A committee comprising of the principal, staff and the counselor is constituted to look after the activities under the cell.  An official counselor from the department of counseling from Universal group is assigned specially for individual counseling, administering the psychological tests and maintaining confidential records.

Activities: Following activities are conducted under counseling cell:

  • Personal Guidance

Institution ensures that at least once each student is provided with the personal guidance by the official counselor. These sessions may continue for special cases identified by the counselor.

  • Mentoring by teachers:

Teacher educators of the Institutions are allotted a group of students for mentoring throughout the term for discussing academic and personal problems that may hinder their course related  work.

  • Gust lectures on personal and career guidance

Universal education is a big organization which encompasses all the departments of educational needs. Counseling department one of the units that caters to school and college students counseling needs efficiently by appointing well qualified counselors. Institution also avails this expertise by inviting the experienced counselors for orientation sessions for student teachers.

Institution is also planning to arrange sessions in the form of online webinar or F-2-F workshops on early identification of mental disorders in school students by expert psychiatrists. This would make student teachers aware of the varied problems of students that may go unnoticed and become serious concerns later if not detected at the right time.

  • Administration of psychological tests:

The official counselor in-charge administers tests that would be required for better counseling sessions on individual

  • Certificate course on Basic counseling skills:

The institution has designed a well-researched certificate course for training student- teachers for Basic counseling skills that every teacher requires to mentor school students.

  • Yoga, meditation:

It is a worldwide accepted fact that Indian ways of meditation and yoga have been proved very effective in maintaining mental health. Institution at regular morning assembly has one activity of yoga exercise for students as well as teachers. Special Training programmer of not less than 20 hours duration on Yoga is organized by every batch for ensuring stress free completion of B.Ed. Programme.

  • Mindfullness and Heartfullness sessions:

Institution organizes the heartfullness workshop by inviting volunteers from the International Organization of Heartfullness. It is a very effective exercise for relaxation and concentration.

Similarly, the teachers generally begin their lectures with quick mindfulness activities in the class.

Thus Institution is committed to the all-round mental and physical wellbeing of the student teachers.


Every Year two Meetings of the members of the Counseling Cell are held  in the beginning of the year to plan for the activities for the entire term and the second meeting to take the stock of the activities conducted in the foregoing term.


The Minutes of the meetings and reports of the activities conducted under the cell are maintained.

Students’ feedback is taken to ensure the fulfillment of the set objectives and raise the quality graph.