CDC Members of the Institution


Chairperson:                            Prin. Sunil Mantri,  (Academic Director)

Ms. Shafali Chadha                          Principal, LUC Jr. College

Mr. Kalpesh Phalsamkar                Management representative

Principal                                  Dr. Savita Manchekar

Member                                   Ms. Deepa Savalani IQAC Head (Teaching Staff)

Member                                   Ms. Soma Guha   (Teaching staff)

Member                                   Ms. Lalita Uplori, (Admin Official)

Member                                   Mr. Pravin Deshmukh, Librarian

Member                                   Ms. Sabha Shaikh (Alumni Representative)

Member                                   Ms. Rajni kumari (Student representative of current batch)


Minutes of the CDC meeting held on 18th May’2018


The CDC Meeting of the College was held on 18th May ‘2018. The meeting started with the reading of the minutes of the earlier meeting.

Matter arisen from minutes.

  • Parent Teacher Meet:

Prin. Sunil Mantri proposed to have third or fourth Saturday as PTA meeting. The year plan should have all the PTA dates and it should be shared with the students. Active involvement of the parents is essential for the college development. The PTA meeting should be recorded for a valuable feedback. The meeting should be  conducted even if one parent is present. Students should be actively involved in the welfare of the institution and they should convince their parents to attend such meetings. The suggestion was unanimously passed.


  • Soul  of  Universal:

Ms. Soma Guha apprised regarding soul of universal from inception to the final event 2017. Dr. Savita Manchekar gave the feedback regarding students and teachers participation in soul. She also informed the members about the failure in collecting sponsorship.

Prin. Sunil Mantri discussed the objective behind conducting such an event and said that students should get exposure to interact with society and people and practice the marketing. He gave the suggestions for the improvement of the entire event from planning to implementation.

  1. All the members of Soul comprising of Institute heads and CLS should meet once before

the Academic session begins to plan the entire event in a skillful manner.

  1. To involve students from beginning to end of the event.
  2. To indulge and inculcate the skills of marketing in the mind of the students.
  3. To have a tentative date, time, sponsor and costing of the entire program.


  • Campus Placement:

Dr. Savita Manchekar informed that campus placement drive conducted effectively but very few students placed through campus placement out of total number of students appeared for the interviews.


Prin. Sunil Mantri suggested that proper feedback should be taken from the campus placement schools and colleges regarding their specific reasons for not selecting our students and then doing a proper analysis and interpretation of the same. Appropriate Strategies should be adopted to improve on the factors that colleges and schools have suggested in their valuable feedback.


He also suggested of forming students’ committee driven by students only in order to project their expertise. Getting placed in the school is ultimate their goal. Each group has to target one school and approach to the school principal with their own brochures consisting of their qualification, expertise, methods, co-curricular qualifications, skills. This student committee should be properly trained. Sir put forward the  suggestion by saying that students should visit schools and colleges of their locality and try to convince the head of the institute for campus placement.

The suggestion was seconded by Ms. Rajni Kumari, student representative and also added that the placement committee should be driven by students but guided by teachers for effective working of the same. Dr. Savita Manchekar told that the internship schools are the best places for such informal interviews and will help them to know the requisite of the getting through placements successfully.


  • Value added course:


Dr. Savita Manchekar updated members regarding value added courses conducted in the year 2017-2018. Phonetics and inclusive education were two such value added courses. She told that in 2019 January the institute plans to have a ten days value added session wherein all the students will get an opportunity to select a course of their interest level and learn essential life skills. Ms. Sabha suggested to conduct some courses in Soft-skills, art and craft.


Prin. Sunil Mantri proposed that training to use smart board should be provided to the students. Ms. Deepa Savalani told that the internship schools  use updated smart boards whereas our smart board is outdated. Sir was of the opinion that students should initially be trained using existing version and then go for the updated version.

Dr. Savita Manchekar informed the members that she will make it compulsory for all the teachers to take at least two lectures using smart board so as to make Students motivated to before thay are formally trained.

  • Library:


Prin. Sunil Mantri recommended following steps for increasing efficiency of the Library:

  • Preparing the vendor list in the format developed by sir to get the best possible cost for the required books.
  • Teacher visiting the library often.
  • zExhibition of books even for Students in order to get an opportunity not only to select various books but also to avail discounts given by the publisher. Exhibition and sale of books should be organized before the commencement of  each semester.


  • Report on State Level Seminar scheduled in March 2018:


Dr. Savita Manchekar informed the members about the successful completion of the State Level seminar and told that it is now at blind review stage.

Prin. Sunil Mantri suggested involving all the guest speakers for presentation and inculcating their expertise in our students with their knowledge.

The minutes of the meeting was passed unanimously and the agenda for the present meeting was then read by Ms. Soma Guha.

Agenda for the meeting

Following points in the agenda for the meeting were discussed.


  • Estimated Budget for financial year 2018-2019:


Prin. Sunil Mantri approved the financial budget for the year 2018-19. Sir suggested adding new items in the particulars given in the table format (if required) for the B.Ed at the end of the Income and expenditure budget and capital expenditure budget (2018-2019) list.



  • Discussion on Institutional SWOT by students:


The analysis and interpretation on the SWOT was briefed by  Dr. Savita Manchekar to all the members. The SWOT analysis was reviewed by Prin. Sunil Mantri. Sir proposed to have fixed parameters for SWOT. The parameters should be based on specific categories like Teaching faculty, library facility, Infrastructure, administration and each category should have sub categories. Eg.  Teaching faculty can be subdivided into – quality in teaching, content mastery, grooming and behavior towards students etc.

Sir also suggested to work towards developing enriching library that can become the topmost strength of the Institution. Student representative of the present batch Ms. Rajni expressed her concern about insufficient no. of books recommended in the revised syllabus. She further mentioned to keep books by eminent educationsts in the library for references. Ms. Sabha Shaikh seconded the suggestion.

Dr. Savita Manchekar informed that the librarian is in the process of making  the budget for the list of the books of the latest version for the coming year.


Prin. Sunil Mantri informed the members about the National Digital Library (NDL) which is an open source and designed to support collaborative learning by providing a  wide range of material from books, papers and thesis to class lectures, audio books, tutorials, assignments, and educational games. Ms. Sabha Shaikh added that it’s a value based application and is available free of cost in the form of NDL mobile app for android.


Prin. sunil Mantri recommended downloading printable e-books in our college website as open source.

Ms. Rajini suggested having SWOT analysis of all students when they come to college in first semester so that their progress can be properly analyzed for the betterment of both students and institute as a whole.

  • Following other matter discussed with the permission of the Chair.

There were many suggestions given by members on which decisions were taken.


Prin. Sunil Mantri gave few suggestions to the teaching faculty for holistic development of the students.

  • Ensuring classroom communication only in English during lectures

Those students who face problem in understanding English to buy a English to regional language dictionary. Every teacher should identify 100- 200 words in every unit of their respective pedagogy and interdisciplinary subjects and prepare a Glossary-Word Bank of these words with Hindi and Marathi translation. It should be displayed in the notice board or display board in the classroom.


  • Teacher should prepare their own unit wise notes and keep it in the library for reference.
  • Punctuality should be the key asset of teachers and they should enter the class before scheduled time. No late comers should be allowed in class.
  • More schools to approach for Internship to ensure minimum Proxies for practice teaching. Sir suggested to try GES school in Goregaon for Internship.


  • Internship schools should be approached in summer holidays to ensure their preferable timing for sending students for internship
  • To check and plan to have D. Ed. and B.Ed. bell timings properly synchronized to avoid disturbance of consecutive bells.
  • Sabha recommended providing regular lab facilities to students.

The meeting ended with vote of thanks to all members by Ms. Deepa Savalani.

Members of the meeting the meeting:

CDC Members

Chairperson:                            Prin. Sunil Mantri,  (Academic Director)

Ms. Shafali Chadha                          Principal, LUC Jr. College

Mr. Kalpesh Phalsamkar                Management representative

Principal                                  Dr. Savita Manchekar

Member                                   Ms. Deepa Savalani IQAC Head (Teaching Staff)

Member                                   Ms. Soma Guha   (Teaching staff)

Member                                   Ms. Lalita Uplori, (Admin Official)

Member                                 Ms. Sabha Shaikh (Alumni Representative)

Member                                 Ms. Rajni kumari (Student representative of current batch)






  Summary of minutes and action taken report of

     CDC Meeting held on 13th Nov’2017



(Points of discussion)


Decision taken

Action taken



Parent Teacher Meet

·         Form PTA

·         Invite expertise from parents

·         Parent involvement


2. Soul  of  Universal ·         Active  participation from students

·         Total involvement from all teachers



3. Campus Placement ·         Arrange meetings with Universal groups schools and colleges to find out their prerequisites

·         Develop programs other than academics and to organize guest lectures on communication skill, personality development and art and craft for the holistic development of the student-teacher.

4. Value added course ·         Proper marketing of the course

Gestation period of 3 months

·         Invite students to share the benefit of the course

Will be implemented
5. Library ·         Book bank facility

·         Invite publishers for exhibition

·         Purchase books before commencement of Semester





Discussion and Approval of the Academic cum Activity Plan for the Academic Year 2017-2018  ·         Academic planning Done
7. Reporting the  academic performance of the students for the examinations conducted in academic  year 2016-2017 ·         Academic performance

·         Keep statistical record

·         Update/share result with management

8. Report on the admission status for the term 2017-2019 ·         Updated  





(Points of discussion)


Decision taken

Action taken



Financial Budget for the academic year 2017-2018


·         Approved





Report on the progress and preparation for NAAC. (Now Quality Council of India (QCI as per NCTE norms)


·         Separate meeting department wise

·         Presentation


Under process
11. Report on National level Seminar scheduled in March 2018- ·         Anticipated number of participants

·         Expected flow

·         Strategies pertaining to Audience

Successful completion