Education is a broad concept that surpasses the four walls of a classroom. Co-curricular activities are essential for the holistic development of the student teacher. It gives the students an opportunity to develop various skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities. They actually complement the curricular activities and groom the students in the “Art of living and working together.”

The Institution  provides ample opportunities to the student teachers to discover their potential and talents in various domains along with their academics. The student council carries out the responsibility of organizing co-curricular activities.

Srudent council is formed by student representatives elected through secret ballot and also selected on the criteria of their past record on the subject scores in the degree examination and cultural and sports related activities (in the rario of 6:4). Elections are conducted in a democratic mannerand by following the directives given by the university. The student council thus comprises of student representatives, staff members and the principal.

Cocurricular activities are one of the responsibilities of the student council right from the planning to implementation. The major objectives of co-curricular activities are:

  • To ensure holistic development of the student teacher,
  • To train them in multifaceted roles that a teacher plays in the school,
  • To provide opportunity for enriched learning experiences beyond curriculum.
  • To develop the skills of decision-making and organization in student teachers

With the help of the strong student council, the institution  conducts various activities which are as follows-

  1. Theme Based Assembly

Our college believes in starting a day with full of energy, positivity and hopes which it derives from the morning assembly. Theme based assemblies are conducted every day. Themes like anti-corruption, anti-terrorism, pollution, humanity, freedom with responsibility, time management, importance of reading, meditation, patience, spirituality, education, environment, peace, obesity, hygiene etc. are the main focus. The assembly commences with the divine intervention, prayer of all different religions are played to promote secularism, pledge on different theme are taken, thought of the day, reading of news headlines and discussion on the research studies related to the theme takes place and it ends with the national anthem.

  1. Field Visit

The educational field visit is organized every year for all students with staff members to the places of cultural and educational importance. The students gather a lot of information from the sites which they later submit as a report to the College. Recently we had visited the places like Mani Bhavan, Tardeo High School, British Council, Rajiv Gandhi National Park etc.

  1. Sports

Physical Education is an integral part of education. It is one of the most important co-curricular activities of our college. It binds people together. Energies are directed towards the involvement in the games and enjoyment of that. Our students from all the four different houses participate enthusiastically in all the indoor and outdoor games throughout the year. Indoor games like carom and chess are planned on a regular basis in the scheduled sports lecture for recreation. The Annual Sports Day is organized every year in the month of December or January. Various games like Relay, Kho-kho, Cricket, Bandminton, Lemon and potato race, Shot put etc. are organized. The winners are awarded with the medals, momentum and certificates.

  1. Competitions

Our college has organized various intra and intercollegiate competitions like Drawing with slogan competition on Obesity among Youth- A fight against it, Essay Competition, Intercollegiate Elocution Competition, Rangoli, Diya decoration, Thali Decoration, Best out of waste, Fabric painting, Mehndi competition, Salad Making competition, Poster making etc. External judges are called for judging all the competitions. We also provide opportunities for our alumni to be part of such events and to give their contribution in it.

  1. Cultural Activities

Various cultural activities are conducted throughout the year. All the activities are planned and organized by the student council members under the guidance of the Faculty Cultural Incharge. Our students participate enthusiastically in every program held in and outside the college and bag many prizes.

  •  Celebration of Festivals & Important Days- The celebrations, customs and rituals of any institution reveal a great deal about its culture. Celebrations brings about  the joyful learning, community building and thought provoking processes. Religious festivals from across religions, national festivals and important days are celebrated with great enthusiasm, fervor and pride. Students are exposed to the essence of the festivals through skit, music, dance, food, discussions and a variety of hands-on activities and projects.  Different festivals like Rakshabandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Ramzan, Eid, Navratri, Christmas, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Onam, Holi   and important days like Teachers Day, World Student Day, National Education day, Childrens Day, World AIDS day, World disabled day, Human Rights Day, World Environment day etc. are celebrated. Along with the enthusiasm, fun and activities of celebrations, the qualities of sensitivity, simplicity and creativity is highlighted.
  • Cultural Fest– In order to preserve the rich and varied heritage, the cultural fest is celebrated in LUCE wherein a lot of competitions are organized depicting the art and culture work of India. Dance forms from different states and fashion shows are also performed on this day. Students are given ample opportunities to showcase their talents.

  • SOUL Intercollegiate Annual Fest- Every year the Universal group organizes the annual intercollegiate festival-SOUL of Universal in a bid to promote the talent of college students to celebrate the zeal of the youth. A number of events and competitions catering to a variety of disciplines such as music, dance, fashion, mind games etc. are a part of this fest. It showcases the multifarious talents and enthusiasm of the students from various colleges across Mumbai, Pune and Nashik. SOUL of universal believes in promoting and connecting our young generation with the roots of India.
  • Workshop and Seminars– In order to gain the knowledge of various domains of education the experts from different field are invited to share their expertise, knowledge and experience with the students. Some of the guest lectures,workshop and seminars conducted for the students and staff members are as follows- Developing of learning resources, Evaluation rubrics, Health and Hygiene, Fire and Safety, Heartfulness, Yoga, Concept Mapping etc.