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Session on Anti Ragging for the fresh batch of 2018-2020 who have also filled up Online Undertaking Form under the web portal of Anti Ragging Cell of UGC, Govt. of India.


Ragging implies  indulging in any act which causes, or is likely to cause any physical, psychological or physiological harm of apprehension or shame or embarrassment to a student, and includes

(a) Teasing or abusing of playing Practical joke on, or causing hurt to any student.

(b) Asking any student to do any act, or perform anything, which he/she would not, in the ordinary course, be willing to do or perform.


Ragging is different from other crimes because the motive is solely to get perverse pleasure. Ragging is also different from other crimes as it is actively promoted by certain sections of the society.

The revised syllabus is of two years with two batches are being trained simultaneously. This gives rise to the concept of senior and Junior batch.  And as mentioned above this further paves  the way to the malpractice of ragging of freshers. Hence the Institution has set up the anti-ragging cell with the following objectives kept in mind:


  • To create awareness about the mal-practices of harassing freshers.
  • To train the pre-service teacher to deal effectively with the cases related to bullying and harassment by school students in future.


The composition of the cell  for the year 2018-2019 is as follows:


Composition of Anti Ragging Cell



Head Dr. SavitaManchekar Principal
Member Mr. Vilas Bhosle Inspector, Dindoshi Police station
Member Mrs. Sunita Shah Parent
Member Ms. Bobby Saraf Student of SY.B.Ed(Representative of an NGO)
Member Ms. Saloni Shah Student of SY.B.Ed
Member Mr. Mahesh Madyalkar Student of F.Y.B.Ed
Member Asst.Prof.Sonali Singh Faculty
Member Asst.Prof. Soma Guha Faculty
Member Ms. Lalita Uplori Non- TeachingStaff



The Lords Universal College of Education

Anti – ragging Committee



Minutes of the meeting – 23rd April,2018

Meeting started with reading of the agenda for the meeting as it was the first meeting. The agenda of the meeting was read by Mrs. Sonali Singh which is as follows:-

  1. Introduction of the members and briefing them about the fore going activities related to anti- ragging.
  2. Passing of the constitution of the committee.
  3. Planning activities for the next academic year 2018-2019.
  4. Any other matter with the permission of the chair.


Very first meeting for the term 2017-2018 was held on 23rd April, 2018. Dr. Savita Manchekar welcomed all the members and requested all the members to introduce themselves. Mr. Vilas Bhosle ,Inspector Dindoshi Police station introduced himself .He added that he represented Indian Police in United Nations peace keeping mission and worked as a Police advisor. Beat officer Mr. Digvijay Patil also introduced himself. Ms. Bobby Saraf representative of the NGO Lions Club also introduced herself .She also spoke about the Lions Club organization at length highlighting the motto of the organization and activities conducted throughout the year emphasizing the motto. Dr. Savita Manchekar recommended that some sessions on Leadership can be taken by the Resource person of the NGO for the students of our college.

A parent representative Mrs. Sunita Shah also introduced herself and suggested some ways to curb ragging in the college. She also added that it is not only the responsibility of the college but also students should cooperate with each other and the college in order to prevent ragging.

Student representatives of F.Y.B.Ed and S.Y.B.Ed Ms. Saloni Shah and Mr. Mahesh Madyalkar also introduced themselves and added that students can perform role plays , dramatize and do certain other activities to spread awareness about the anti ragging in various schools and colleges . They also got their queries related to the laws and punishments of anti ragging addressed by Mr. Vilas Bhosle inspector, Dindoshi Police station.

Principal Dr. Savita Manchekar said that we can conduct sessions and activities to curtail ragging.

Activities suggested by the Committee members were as follows:-

  • Fresher’s welcome session to be attended by both F.Y.B.Ed and S.Y.B.Ed students.
  • Individual interactive session of F.Y.B.Ed and S.Y.B.Ed students.
  • Undertaking to be taken by students’ and their parents as recommended by UGC.
  • One session on Anti- ragging to be conducted every year.
  • Sessions to be provided to teaching and non-teaching staff so as to acquaint them with the rules and regulation related to Anti ragging.
  • Parents should be informed about Anti ragging committee and its functioning in the Parents- teachers meeting.
  • Suggestion box should be made available where any grievances related to bullying can be put forth by the students. Grievance cell should also remain active and alert.
  • Activities should be conducted throughout the year to spread awareness about ways to prevent Anti – ragging such as –
  • Preparation of Piktochart sensitizing students about the repercussions felt by the victim after the ragging.
  • Piktochart should also address the bullies and personal ethics that should be inculcated among the students.
  • Activities done for the same should enhance skills of empathy and communication .
  • to have a session on Leadership and session on promotional activities of Lions Club by the resource persons from the NGO.


Report of 2016-17


Ragging has also ruined countless innocent lives and careers. In order to eradicate it, LUCE has asked student-teachers to fill undertaking form from university. Along with that during internship from 18th – 23rdSeptember,2016 students had spread awareness in respective internship schools and colleges. Internship schools and colleges were as follows:

  • Anne’s English High School, Malad (West)
  • Carmel of St. Joseph English Medium High School, Malad (West)
  • Universal High School Malad (East)
  • Lords Universal Junior College, Goregaon (West)
  • VidyaVikasUnivesal Junior College, Malad (West)
  • John’s High School, Goregaon (West)
  • Universal High School, Dahisar (East)
  • H. Junior College, Borivali (East)


Student-teachers performed role play, conducted discussions and provided valuable information through power point presentation and charts. They gave them the helpline numbers. They also suggested them the precautionary measures to avoid ragging. School and college students took interest and actively participated in discussions and activities conducted by student-teachers.


S.Y.B.Ed. Student-teacher had also conducted theme based assembly on the Anti-ragging at LUCE on 23rd September, 2017. Here students took pledge, read research review on ragging, prepared charts and posters to spread awareness in the college campus regarding Anti-ragging.


Report of 2017-18

“Ragging does not break the ice, It breaks lives, careers and families”

Ragging is a crime which destroys the physical and emotional confidence and leads to an increase in suicidal activities. Ragging has ruined countless lives. It is very important to make students’ aware of the anti-ragging campaign initiated by the government of India and make our country free of ragging. Student teachers conducted an anti-ragging workshop in different internship schools and colleges to spread awareness about anti ragging campaign. Students in the workshop performed role plays,showed videos depicting the meaning of ragging , forms of ragging, legal provisions against ragging etc. Students were informed about the helpline numbers on which they can ask for help and at any place or time. Later students were divided into various groups and case studies were given to them. They comprehended the case studies followed by the interactions with the students which made them realize the intensity of the effects of ragging. The entire anti ragging proved to be very successful as they promised to join the campaign themselves and became more confident in facing the outside world.

F.Y.B.Ed. Student-teacher had also conducted theme based assembly on the Anti-ragging at LUCE on 23rd September, 2017. Here students took pledge, read research review on ragging, prepared charts and posters to spread awareness in the college campus regarding Anti-ragging. Along with these activities students performed two dramas depicting the tragedy going own in the present colleges environment about ragging and very effectively they projected the impact of this on innocent students and how it leads to ending their life because of apprehension or shame or embarrassment. It was very enriching, eye-opening and meaningful assembly conducted by student-teachers.

On 23rd April 2018 a session on Awareness about Anti-Ragging was held. The resource person was Police Inspecter Ramdas Bhosle who spoke about the constitutional provisions about ragging at any level; He also explained the concept of Ragging and the acts that can be termed as Ragging. He was flooded with querie by students about the issues related to ragging. The session proved to be an enriching experience for the students and the staff.